Dr Martin James Turner


Dr. Martin J. Turner is a fully qualified (BPS Chartered and HCPC Registered) Sport and Exercise Psychologist with over 15 years of experience in the field. Martin’s expertise are within stress and emotion management, motivation, and performance and wellbeing development. His approach is practical and tangible, helping clients to understand and develop ways in which they can fulfil their potential on the field, and in the office. He has worked with sporting organisations such as The Football Association and The England and Wales Cricket Board, and has supported many elite athletes across a vast array of sports (e.g., football, rugby, cricket, track and field…). He has worked with private and public sector organisations to help individuals and teams thrive in the pressured world of work. Martin has worked with organisations such as the NHS, SONY, and the RAF, and has supported many professionals in their pursuit of better.

Martin is also an award-winning researcher and teacher, holding a Readership with Manchester Metropolitan University. He is most known for his work applying ‘Rational Coaching’ within achievement settings and studying the effects of stress and adversity on human wellbeing and performance. In his research work he also examines the psychophysiology of the human stress response, and its relationship to human functioning. Therefore, when working with clients Martin applies the evidence from cutting-edge research to help clients pursue their goals in a meaningful but healthy manner. Martin authored the book “What business can learn from sport psychology” which contains many of these ideas.